Loy Multi X Blue Razz Disposable Vape

Loy Multi X Blue Razz disposables are small, convenient and easy to use. They feature a 600mAh battery and a 12mL pod filled with your favorite flavor. Each device depicts a splash art of the flavor and lasts up to 6000 puffs!

A delicious blue raspberry taffy candy flavor. Smooth and sweet with a slight throat hit.

Blue Razz Flavor

A satisfyingly sweet blue raspberry taffy candy flavor that will set your sweet tooth on its way to a happy place. Rich in flavor and powerful in cloud, this is everything a candy vape pod should be.

Featuring a rechargeable USB-C 400mAh built-in battery, the Loy Multi X can deliver more than 6000 puffs before it needs to be discarded. Moreover, it can be used in all of the twelve flavors that LOY offers. It is small in size, easy to carry and easy to use.

The Multi X disposable vape device has one of the highest e-juice capacities among its peers. It holds 12ml of your favorite LOY e-juice and provides you with a long-lasting and a satisfying vaping experience. A single Multi X will last 40 to 45 days for most vapers. It is also a great choice for those who have a limited vaping budget. It is available in a variety of colors to suit any style and taste preferences.

LOY XL Disposable Pods

Loy XL is an easy-to-use disposable pod device designed to be a rewarding alternative for smokers. Featuring an ample amount of salt nicotine eliquid in every device, a LOY is perfect for ex-smokers looking to quit or vapers who simply enjoy a simple and effortless experience.

The LOY XL is small enough to fit into any pocket and features a powerful 1000mAh built-in battery that lasts the life of the device – about 1500 puffs! Using a 3.5ml pre-filled pod that is backed by 5% nicotine salt, the LOY delivers flavorful vapor and smooth throat hits.

The LOY XL is designed in the USA and made with high-quality materials that can withstand the wear and tear of regular use. They are also compact and lightweight, which makes them ideal for stealth vaping. And, they are very easy to clean – just remove the mouthpiece and glass globe and rinse with warm water. The LOY XL is available in ten delicious salt nic flavors and boasts superior nicotine strength for a satisfying vaping experience.

LOY XL Disposables

LOY XL is the perfect device for vapers on the go. It is leak-proof, compact, and portable. The e-liquid capacity is 5.0ml, and the battery can last for up to 1500 puffs. The device also comes with a mouth-watering flavor that is sure to mesmerize your taste buds.

Unlike traditional cigarettes, the LOY XL is a much healthier alternative. It produces no second-hand smoke, and it is also odorless. Plus, it doesn’t require recharging. Moreover, the device is very affordable and convenient. It is ideal for those who are trying to quit smoking.

The LOY XL Disposable has a long-lasting 1000mAh battery and is designed to provide up to 1500 puffs. It has a 3.5ml pre-filled pod and 5% nicotine salts for a satisfying throat hit. This small and portable vaporizer is easy to use, and it has a draw-activated firing system. This makes it easy to switch between flavors. It is also small enough to fit into any pocket.


LOY XL pods are one of the most popular disposable pod vape devices on the market today. They are easy to use and deliver a large amount of satisfying vapor. They are also compact, lightweight, and offer mouthwatering flavors. This makes them ideal for people who are switching from smoking. They also do not produce second hand smoke, and are much cheaper than cigarettes.

Moreover, the LOY XL Pod is designed to be highly portable and leak-free. This makes it a convenient option for on-the-go vaping. It can be carried in a purse or pocket without the fear of accidental e-juice spills.

It comes with a built-in 1000mah battery and offers more than 1500 puffs. The LOY XL Pod has super rich flavor and is available in a variety of delicious flavors to suit every taste. The LOY XL Flow is perfect for a newbie or seasoned smoker who wants to quit smoking. Its simple, effortless vaping experience provides an instant relief from cigarette cravings and helps you break your smoking habit for good.